Thank you again for making your beloved country and culture come alive and

my few days so memorable. I live my life on a plane travelling the globe
and these days rarely come across experiences that make me so energized and
interested to explore and see more. My mother told me last night that she
still has the pressed flowers that my grandfather sent her as achild from
Gethsemane... And that she remembers how he wrote of his enchantment with
beauty of the rolling hills around Jerusalem. He was a truly remarkable man
who greatly shaped my thinking as a young child and it is therefore very
special to me that i am now retracing his footsteps and experiencing the
same emotions that he felt 70 years ago !!

Back to the real world of global health today and London tonight..... The
Shearmans are fortunate to have you with them for the rest of the week ....

With very best wishes







Greetings, Tal!
We are still basking in the aura of the wonderful tour of Israel you lead us on. We look forward to seeing you again, and hopefully bringing you a small group. Petra and little Petra were spectacular...and we actually did climb all the way to the Monastery and then to the lookout. Interestingly, we ran into the small Globus group which continued on when they arrived in Petra. Small world.

Are you on Facebook? I have posted my pictures there. (Not that YOU need to see them, given that you live there and see it every day!) We do hope you will keep in contact and especially that you might come to visit us the next time you arrive in Toronto to climb on the OUTSIDE of the CN tower. You CAN’T miss that!
Once again, it was an honour to have spent such time with you. We learned SO much!

Heather and Peter




My wife and I have been to Israel 15 times.  Every time we went we had Tal as our guide.  He knows where to go and when to go or not go.  Not once did we ever feel threatened over there.  We went to the "traditional" holy sites, of course, but if you want to really get a feel for the country book a personal tour to swim down historic canyons (Yehudia), hike around Masada in stead of riding the gondola to the top (not for those out of shape), hike beautiful slot canyons (Red canyon), etc.
One time my wife and I were sitting in the lounge of the Caesar's Hotel in Tiberius.  We were talking with the manager of the hotel.  He told us, out of earshot of Tal, that of the roughly 6,000 licensed tour guides in Israel that Tal was the absolute best and most knowledgeable.
I personally think that he knows the name of every rock in the country. . . and there are a lot of rocks.

Gene & Kathy Swanson




Thanks for showing us Israel as it ought to be. And of course for putting up with all the Ben-Yishay clan.


I will be recommending your services to all my friends in the future.


Lehitraot Chevre’ and regards to Eli as well…..



Seth (Ze’ev)




Hi Tal:
I just wanted to express our heartfelt thanks for your time, expertise and obvious passion for instilling in visitors a love and appreciation of your homeland, Israel. Walking around Jerusalem is just not the same without you. I pray our paths may cross again - and soon too. If the Lord should bless me with the resources, I would love to bring not only my wife, but visitors from the so-called 'ghettos' of my homeland right here to Jerusalem (and beyond too). Among other places of interest, I would love to go to Mt. Carmel, to see the area where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal. And yes, I would love to go to the Dead Sea. For now, however, all this is a dream, but so was the first visit, until it happened. 

All the best, my friend. Please contact us when you come to Florida. May God continue to be with you here in Israel and as you travel, shielding and protecting you and your family always.
David Mould (and Yonnie).  
Hello, Tal!
Thanks again for being such a great blessing as a wonderful and most informative tour guide!
I have attached a few fun memories!
Blessings my brother!
"I do, I do, I do, I do!!!
James & Thometra
I am a recently-retired Baptist pastor from Texas, and am presently serving as an associate pastor. I have taken church groups to Israel eleven times from 1980 to 2013. In 1992, on my fourth trip, Tal Segal happened to be our guide, and during that trip, it became apparent to me that we had moved from "good to excellent". Tal has been our guide, by choice, on all seven of the subsequent tours, and our groups have ranged in size from 15 to 42 people. Of the 179 people who have traveled with us during that time, many have made the tour multiple times, and I have never heard anything but praise for our guide on these trips. Tal has a passion for Israel and its rich history, past and present, Biblical and secular, and his passion and enthusiasm are both evident and contagious. I would be hard-pressed to even consider a trip to Israel if Tal could not be our guide. Tal, thank you for your friendship, and for making the Land and the Bible come alive for so many.
Jerl Watkins, Associate Pastor of Senior Adults
Dear Tal,
I want to thank you for 2 wonderful days of sightseeing we had together off the MSC Lirica.
I have to admit, when I first saw your web site and heard the price (which was hundreds of dollars less per day than what they were asking for on the ship), I was a bit skeptic.
Now I can say - you showed us so much more and for much less money than we would have seen with the ship's tour.
I would highly recommend your tours to anyone.
The Johnsons, Miami Beach

 Greetings, Tal:


Remember me?  Of course you do from last month’s tour through Cosmos.  If you don’t, please review the attached photo and guess where my position is.  Anyway, I picked up your profile from the internet and thought of reaching out across the continent.Well, my friend, I tell you, everyone in our tour was fully renewed well as refreshed by your prolific coverage of historic sites mentioned in  both the old and new testament.  The clarity and accuracy  of information you shared with us was just amazingly valuable which I doubt anybody else in the tour union can match.    Well, more power to you, Tal.  Shalom, shalom. cid:959f28ca-dc88-49a2-adf0-840543aff655@usa.doj.gov





(p.s. – My personal physician, Dr. Stephen V., and family might contact you for some travel tips and guidance (they are traveling on  their own ) after relating to him the great time we spent in the Holy Land under your care.)






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