My name is Tal Segal.

If you've arrived at my website, then you are interested in embarking on a journey that will take you beyond the cut and dry historical facts of a guidebook and the scripted monologues of large tour operators.


You're interested in uncovering the unexpected, and realize that much of Israel's charm and spirit – the story behind the story – would remain undiscovered without the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Israeli tour guide. 

As a licensed private tour guide in Israel, I take great pride in this unique and beautiful country where I was born and raised. Each of my custom made Holy Land tours immerses participants via facts, stories, and personal anecdotes in an exciting historical, cultural, and religious world that blends historic elements with modern-day Israeli life.

Along with religiously and historically significant excursions such as Jerusalem Tours and Crusader Tours, I specialize in Krav Maga and Mark Twain-centric tours, as well as shore tours for cruise ships. 

It would be my pleasure to transform your holiday into an unforgettable experience! Allow me to customize a memorable tour of Israel based on your interests, preferences, and whims, and guide you in your off-the-beaten-path exploration of a country full of hidden gems.



I am a licensed Israeli tour guide and avid world traveler with over 30 years of experience in the field of tourism both as a tourist, and as a guide to families, groups, VIPs, top ranking generals and commanders, businessmen, friends, schools, and religious institutions. I am also a member and on the Executive Board of the ITGA (Israel Tour Guide Association).

My passion for tourism was cultivated during my army years where I served in the Air Force as a guide for Air Force soldiers, as well as for the Air Force's guests and VIPs (including visiting high ranking foreign officials).

After the army, I completed the Ministry of Tourism's Tour Guide course, received my guide license, and have been leading custom Hebrew and English private tours ever since.


It is a love of Israel and translating mundane facts into fascinating stories that has kept me so enthusiastic about my work after all these years; and it is a broad understanding of a tourist's unique interests that has kept my tours fresh and exciting.










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